Model 4, an entire design, additional abstinence up to marriage, sexual exclusiveness, and you may women’s sexual submissiveness

Model 4, an entire design, additional abstinence up to marriage, sexual exclusiveness, and you may women’s sexual submissiveness

Certainly respondents who advertised sexual pastime in the last 1 year, condom fool around with is actually mentioned since the a digital adjustable (0 = no, step one = yes) predicated on participants’ mind-claimed condom use into the current intercourse. Those types of whom advertised ever having sexual intercourse, premarital sex was determined while the a binary variable (0 = zero, 1 = yes) in accordance with the difference between many years in the beginning intercourse and you may age on matrimony. In the event the age to start with intercourse is actually below years from the matrimony, then participant is actually thought to have had premarital sex. However, an era to start with sexual intercourse that was equal to or more than decades from the marriage otherwise at commitment is actually sensed sexual initiation in the or just after matrimony (source class). Number of sexual couples, like the companion, over the past one year try classified since nothing, singular, a few, and around three or higher. The fresh new reference category to own level of sexual lovers was not one; claimed philosophy for a few or higher ranged up to 95 sexual lovers.

Statistical research

I made use of STATA SE variation several.step one (StataCorp, University Route, Tx, USA) to perform study studies. We checked-out the newest detailed statistics utilizing the STATA survey bundle which have linearization estimation to help you make up this new state-of-the-art DHS questionnaire design has (e.g., pounds, stratification, and clustering). We browsed frequencies and you will rates getting categorical parameters and you may determined means and you will fundamental deviations to have quantitative parameters. Pearson’s construction-based modified chi-rectangular (F-established structure proportion) is actually determined so you’re able to guess gender differences between size around the groups.

We made use of nested logistic regression to guess the new predictive odds of gendered energy indications on the condom fool around with. Multicollinearity between separate details are analyzed by using the difference inflation factor (VIF) perturbation method of identify collinearity anywhere between categorical details thought to be good gang of dummy variables . A VIF more than 10 implies very important collinearity between parameters, that could misguide statistical calculations . But not, a top VIF is going to be properly overlooked in the event that large VIF indicator makes reference to dummy variables one to represent a categorical variable that have around three or even more classes. Inside our analysis, there have been just two-high VIF philosophy (high try a dozen.6). These types of thinking was basically found in the condom regression for ladies and you will receive for dummy details associated with categorical details which have about three otherwise way more kinds – relationship status and you can sexual exclusiveness.

I determined four nested activities . Design 1 integrated merely class. Design 2 additional training, wealth, and domestic area. Model step 3 extra lead out-of domestic and you will usage of news. Group of the transaction into habits try directed from the followed theoretical framework. Studies analyses was performed earliest for your try, upcoming disaggregated because of the gender.


A maximum of 51,018 people many years 15 so you’re able to forty-two-47.2 % men and you will 52.8 % women-had been as part of the analysis analysis. Imply years are 30.step three ± 0.9 for men and you may ± 0.8 for females. Test demographics and you will gendered symptoms (full and by gender) are provided inside the Desk 1.

Dining table step 1 Group attributes and gendered indications out-of adults many years fifteen–forty two years on the Dominican Republic by gender (DHS 2007)

Most users finished number 1 degree (forty.step three %); yet not, a high proportion of women filipino females had over higher education than just guys. An increased percentage of women than simply dudes was found in the richest classification. Despite gender, regarding two thirds of test resided either in a funds/higher town or perhaps in the fresh country. More than two-thirds of one’s properties were male-on course. Regardless if three quarters of your own players (72.step 1 %) advertised that have a good usage of mass media, a high proportion of women got restricted usage of media than simply dudes. Significantly more feminine (61.8 %) than just guys (45.dos %) assented one abstinence just before matrimony is actually appropriate for one another dudes and you may female. Very users decided that both men and women are required so you can practice sexual exclusiveness and you may disagreed which have ladies’ sexual submissiveness.