How to Use Remote Board Meeting Technology to Expand Your Board Membership

A remote board meeting presents particular challenges. However, it also provides flexibility and opportunities to expand the board’s membership. The crucial element to successful remote meetings is the use of technology that lets your board members communicate effectively and efficiently. Before the meeting begins ensure that all participants test their cameras, software, and microphones and are familiar with their equipment. This will enable your board to focus on the discussion and reduce the time wasted by technical problems.

Encourage your board members to add notes, actions items, and any updates to a shared meeting agenda before the meeting. Then, use a digital scheduling tool such as SavvyCal to determine meeting times that are appropriate for all attendees. The result is shorter, more focused meetings that tend to be less stressful.

The ability to see each other during meetings boosts collaboration and helps build stronger relationships. Video footage during meetings will also assist you in identifying non-verbal signals coming from your board. For instance, a smile can convey enthusiasm and excitement, whereas the expression of a frown or a rolling eye could signal displeasure, boredom or impatience. It is also helpful to include a welcome video to be played prior every remote meeting to set the tone and remind participants of expectations for behavior during the call. Requesting feedback at every call can also help boost engagement and let board members know their opinions are valued.