How to Select the Best Data Room Software

A data room can provide an unsecure environment to share confidential business documents with partners, investors and other stakeholders. It comes with features like watermarking, auditing, as well as specific settings for access control. When choosing a data space vendor, consider what types of security it provides and whether it is compatible with the files that your team is using.

Additionally, some providers provide additional security features like auto-indexing or fence view. Additionally, search for a system that allows users to synchronize the contents of your FTP, desktop, or other external storages to the data room for fast and easy arrangement. Find out if the data room has a multilingual search tool, as well as OCR to search text within images and PDF documents.

It is also important to know if the chosen provider has the ability to remove specific portions or the entire content of an entire document. This feature can help protect your private information by removing personal data from images and PDFs.

Some of the best VDR providers provide comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities that let you monitor the activity of your virtual data room. Find a solution that can track all uploads, downloads, and views of files, as well as permitting you to create custom reports based on the activity.

Another feature to look for is a free trial that allows you to stress-test premium capabilities including data uploading, a variety of security and collaboration features, without the need for a lengthy commitment. iDeals offers a 30-day no-cost trial that gives you unlimited preparation time, two admins 500 MB of storage, file encryption, dynamic watermarking and basic digital rights management system.