How to Keep Data Secure and Protect the Privacy of Your Customers

A data breach can be an absolute nightmare for any business. Hackers love personal information and no matter the size or nature of the business, cyberattacks can impact the operations of a company and cause churn among customers. The best method to avoid the risk of a cyberattack is by placing data security at the heart of your processes. This article will show you how to guard your customer’s privacy and keep your data safe.

A firewall is a highly effective tool that can block unauthorized access. It blocks the entry of data blocking or allowing it based on rules set by your IT department. Firewalls are essential to establish solid security protocols, along with anti-virus software and multifactor authentication. Multi-factor authentication requires users to have two forms of verification to sign into the system. This includes something they are familiar with (passwords or passwords) and something they have (security tokens or mobile phones) and something they are (fingerprints or facial recognition).

It is important to regularly back up information regularly. This can be vital in the event that information that is sensitive is stolen or lost. Data backup can be done in a variety of places, including on a local hard drive or external storage, cloud storage, and many more. When backing to data, it is recommended that you use the 3-2-1 method. This requires three copies of the data stored in two locations and at least one device not connected to the source data.