How to Choose the Best Free VPN Providers

While a lot of free VPNs can be said to provide an additional layer of online privacy however, there are some real risks associated with certain services (thankfully not like the ones I’ve identified above). Insufficient server connections, slow speeds and data sharing are all common and therefore, it’s vital to select a service that provides a bare version of their service or which doesn’t offer data-sharing.

A majority of free service providers only offer a small number of servers, which can lead to a surge in traffic and causes your internet speed to drop. Some even go as that they offer to sell your data, which can be used to send you targeted ads. Look for a service provider with a solid, independent audited no-logs policy.

It’s also an excellent idea to go for a VPN which offers double-hopping, obfuscates your traffic further and also supports Bitcoin payments. This will allow you to avoid the most serious issues caused by free VPNs. They are prone to a lack in security protocols as well as the inability to handle DDOS.

Some free VPNs come with all the features you need. Windscribe, as an example provides a vast number of servers across 10 countries, and can be used with no registration. It also allows you to connect unlimited devices and unblocks streaming content including US Netflix. PrivadoVPN, which allows you to stream Netflix and Disney+, is another great option. It has a substantial bandwidth limit of 10GB and lets you stream Hulu, Netflix and Disney+. It’s also very easy to use and has intuitive apps that work on all major platforms.