How Board Portal Technology Enables Boards to Work Smarter

Board portal technology helps boards to work smarter by improving the governance of businesses of all sizes and sectors. Highly regulated companies, such as insurance and healthcare businesses utilize board portal solutions to help them comply with the regulations while focusing on business development. Small business boards as well as other types of boards are also able to benefit from a smooth and efficient board meeting procedures. This could lead to better governance and a more productive business.

A board management tool can eliminate the necessity for physical meetings and can save you a significant amount of money. In addition, a high-quality board portal will provide advanced tools for collaboration, resulting in time savings and improved efficiency of meetings.

The best board portals provide the board with a central repository for documents, allowing to track the progress of actions items and allow board members to make comments and discuss issues digitally. The discussion can take place in the portal, which eliminates sensitive information that could be lost or discovered in personal email accounts. It can also help reduce the risk of accidentally sharing confidential board documents.

All stakeholders should be involved and enthusiastic about implementing a new portal. Everyone should be involved and dedicated to the implementation. The first step to a successful implementation is identifying one or two “board portal champions” within your organization and who will help communicate the benefits and provide training for the others in the team. Identify these champions early on in the process, and schedule training sessions for each prior to their first meeting using the new portal for board meetings.

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