Eco Friendly Housing – Modern Ways to Build Green

People are increasingly looking at their homes’ environmental impact whether they wish to reduce their carbon footprint or simply lead a healthier lifestyle. There’s never been a greater need for environmentally friendly housing. And it’s not only about solar panels on the roof or double-paned windows. There are many modern ways to make a house more eco-friendly and home builders of today are making it easier than ever before to build a green home.

Many companies are building green homes from the ground up using prefabricated designs with efficient insulation and triple-paned windows. For instance, eco-friendly houses built by EcoCraft are designed specifically to complement the homeowner’s style, and they utilize resource-efficient methods of construction that cut the amount of waste to 5 percent — an incredible improvement over conventional residential construction.

These green homes make use of energy-efficient appliances, and superior insulation to lower the energy consumption of homeowners. Some are built on passive strategies, like the orientation of the home on the site and the type and number of windows or solar options.

Other eco-friendly features that home buyers are looking for include electric vehicle charging stations tanksless water heaters, intelligent HVAC systems that monitor and optimize their energy consumption. Natural cleaning products are another aspect that is in high demand. They eliminate toxins from the water supplies, and skin. With so many options to choose from it’s no wonder green homes are becoming more popular than ever before.