Cuban Wedding Customs

While many Cubans do not have magnificent weddings, a recent increase of rich Cuban-American emigres and tourists are providing to come back the old wedding ceremony traditions that were a rare happening during a lot of Fidel Castro’s rule. Actually many marriage ceremony planners in Havana have experienced their organization skyrocket due to this new trend. But as these lovers spend their money on a celebration that is certainly in no way inexpensive for the regular Cuban, it raises some interesting questions about how precisely the changing political environment has affected marriage and family practices across the isle.

A lot of the traditional marriage ceremonies in Cuba happen to be Christian and officiated by a priest. During the feast day, the couple exchanges jewelry to show their particular commitment to each various other and to ward off evil mood. The groom as well gives the star of the event 13 silver and gold coins, called a great arras, like a symbol of his promises to provide on her behalf during their marriage.

Following the ceremony, guests attend a reception that may be usually filled with music and dance. During the primary dance, the bride and groom mild a unity candle that is a symbol of their union as one. The couple often saves this candlestick to light during their anniversary every year.

Many Cubans give the guests gifts at the reception, such as handmade items or perhaps ribbons with the term of the wedding couple on them. The newly the wife and hubby also receives a chuck of rice from the attendees as being a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The couple also enjoys consuming delicious Cuban cuisine such as roast pork and chicken breast with sides of black coffee beans, fried plantains, and sweets including flan and cubanitas.